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Royal Bloodines Series

Out of the Mountain:

A Royal Bloodlines Series Novel #1

In “Out of the Mountain” we follow Vivienne as she begins her journey into the unknown. Orphaned as a small child, Vivienne Reinhold was thought to have been dead as well., but instead she was hidden away in a mountain monastery where she was protected and trained by the monks of Velia.


As a girl with no family or magic to her name, she was set apart and spent much of her time alone– dreaming of the day she turned twenty and would finally have her freedom. Her plans to see the world are dashed, as mere weeks away from her birthday and the freedom she so craves, she witnesses a premonition that thrusts her our into a world full of magic and danger that she never could have imagined.

She is lead into her journey by the mysterious Rowan, whose gruff and serious manner is barely out-shown by his roguish good looks. He has secrets, and many of them seem to revolve around the shared past that Vivienne has no memory of. Rowan is both enchanting and infuriating, the first man to ever really illicit any sort of feelings from her and he’s determined to keep her safe, and away from him at all costs. As undeniable feelings grow, things only seem to keep getting complicated, as new characters make their plays and the danger grows.

Vivienne meets an interesting and diverse cast of characters on her journey who soon become and unlikely group of friends with an unshakable bond. They train together, preparing for a battle that no one can stop and each character has a past with scars of their own to bare as well as abilities and lessons to share with Vivienne along the way.

Evil is coming, and its closer to home than anyone can even imagine.

Follow Vivienne as she discovers life and love, outside of the mountain.

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Into the Forest:

A Royal Bloodlines Series Novel #2


The battle against Narissa is over, but the dust is still settling in Vivienne’s kingdom. Grief and suspicion run rampant on the streets of Alaris and beyond, but before Vivienne can deal with the state of Reinhelm, she has to venture into the unknown to retrieve a powerful magical object with the potential to bring half of her nation to it’s knees.

Into the Fae Realm they must go, to recover what was stolen long ago.

The race is on to find the Shuni King’s amulet, and her possibly evil (but hopefully redeemable) cousin that no one knew existed. Both were placed under the protection of the Fae Queen, and both are now lost in the Badlands of the Fae Realm. Bonds are tested as they make their journey, and it doesn’t take long for the crew to wish they had never came in at all.

You followed Vivienne Out of the Mountain, now follow her journey Into the Forest.

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