Hello All!

Do you love all things Royal Bloodlines? I know I do! (Of course I would say that wouldn’t I?) But seriously, these characters take up a formidable part of my brain and have no plans of leaving in the foreseeable future. They interrupt my day with no warning or care for consequence. If the fact that I have a constant cast of characters and stories unfolding inside my mind makes Β me sound a bit crazy, then that seems fair.

In fact, I can take it even farther and say the characters control the plot of my stories. I have completely given up on solid outline for any story because they laugh in my face as I’m writing and do something off the wall, effectively changing the trajectory of the story all together! Good people end up doing bad things, bad people do good, someone runs off on a side adventure previously unknown of, and I’m left thinking “Wait, what? how?” and so the process begins anew.

I can’t say I don’t enjoy having characters with such loud voices and opinions though. They certainly keep me entertained… and even if they make my writing process much more complicated, it’s worth it in the end.

A lot of their founding personality traits are because of WHAT they are, not just who they are. So do you think you would be a Shuni or a Conduit?

This is my first blog post on WordPress, so I thought we could start it out with a little bit of fun! So click the link below and take the quiz I created over on playbuzz and let me know what your results were! I can’t wait to hear from you!- Violet




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