I am so excited to see what 2017 brings. A lot happened in 2016 (good and bad) but with this new year I hope that I can begin it refreshed and ready for whatever is to come. book

I have finished book 2, and am currently doing the final editing and tweaking so that I can give it out to a few beta readers! I hope you all enjoy continuing on Vivi’s journey as much as I did. She’s learned a lot since the beginning of book one, but there is still plenty of room left for growth on her journey yet.

I hope to do a lot more events and fun things in the coming year, so stay tuned to the newsletter for more info on that! I also try to keep up with twitter, so feel free to tweet me any time!

My book is discounted for the month of January for just .99 cents, so if you plan on buying a copy- now is the time!

I am working out the release date, but book two should be available for ordering in the next month or so! Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoy!_Violet


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